Background and Experience

Because my background is interdisciplinary and includes both formal and informal teaching experience, I can support learning for a wide range of ages and for a variety of different subjects.

Education: I have the following formal degrees:

  • Physics BS (minor in Psychology) from UC Davis
  • Earth Science MS (focused on Seismology) from UC Santa Barbara
  • PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (focused on statistical ecology and remote sensing) from UC Berkeley

I’ve also done work in Sociology, Feminist Studies, and Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz. I think I’m detecting a California-related theme here…

Formal teaching experience: I’ve taught a range of undergraduate and graduate-level subjects, including astronomy, geology, and statistical ecology lab courses, as well as a senior thesis course supporting students in writing a research paper describing their year-long capstone project. See my academic teaching page for a specific list of courses I’ve taught and more on my teaching philosophy.

Informal teaching experience: I worked at Lindsay Wildlife back in the 1990s, as well as in the 2010s, where I gave presentations and also did informal interpretation for visitors of all ages.

Presenting about the Virginia opossum circa 1990s
Me and Diablo the turkey vulture, circa 2010s (photo credit: Lindsay Wildlife Experience, original found here).

I’ve also taught rural Zimbabwean farmers how to use GPS units to map their local landscape. Check out some of the hands-on activities we did together:

And I lead the Diablo California Naturalist Program, in which I taught the inaugural course; most of our participants were adults. You can read more about my informal education training and experience at my academic outreach page.