Teaching Approach

Approach, topics and ages: My general approach is to follow the interests of my clients and listen to the challenges they’re sharing with me. No question is stupid or irrelevant — if you’re asking, it’s because there’s something that’s not clear to you! I take some time in initial sessions to get a feel for where you’re at and what you’re interested in working on, and then adapt our activities accordingly.

I’m open to teaching anyone over the age of 8, and because of my interdisciplinary background I can provide support for almost any topic, ranging from writing to science to math to programming. I’m also available for coaching on skills development like time management, studying strategies, data analysis, and computing skills like word processing, using spreadsheets, and making slide presentations.

Online teaching strategies: Much of my background has been in teaching hands-on activities, so I’ve adapted those strategies for interactive online learning:

1) I use small and large marker-boards for some tasks that require freehand drawing or long explanations:

2) I use browser-based tools, such as this Lua editor for teaching and testing out Lua code (functions written together with a 3rd grade client):

3) I often ask my clients to share their screens and then use Zoom’s annotate function to highlight and clarify points, especially when teaching how to evaluate information from web-based searching (example of evaluating online information about eclipses with a 5th grade client, with special focus on evaluating Wikipedia’s article including its Talk page):

4) I use Google’s productivity suite to create projects and keep records with my clients. Check out these great slides on plate tectonics I and my 7th grade client made (note that she kept track of our sources in the speaker notes):

And this resume I helped one of my 12th graders create for college applications:

And I’m always developing new methods as new clients inspire me to come up with different solutions! I recently used Discord to work with one of my clients, and I have also used Zoom’s remote control function while screen-sharing to help a client with a programming project in Roblox Studio.