“I had a great time learning about coding here. It’s really fun! You get to learn all kinds of coding languages. I highly think that you should try it out.”

Sam (3rd Grade)

“Melissa fosters a blend of flexibility and structure that helps my eight-year-old enjoy learning. He talks about what he learns from her in between sessions and is very proud of himself for the new skills he’s developing. I love Melissa’s ability to integrate different subjects together into interdisciplinary projects that show my kiddo how these skills are relevant to real life and to his interests. Melissa is very thoughtful about how she approaches teaching and sensitively works with my child’s personality so they have a positive and productive tutoring experience.”

Wendy, parent of Sam (3rd grade)

“I enjoy learning about history the most, and Melissa has taught me a lot about the history of science.”

Eleanor (5th grade)

“We have seen our daughter’s confidence grow in a variety of subjects. Not only does she understand the material better, but she is also better able to express herself and explain her reasoning.”

Scott & Anita, parents of Eleanor (5th grade)

“I have been working with Melissa for a while now and she has delightfully helped me with countless algebra assignments that seem to never end. Since my school is project based, she not only has supported my learning in algebra, but in my physics as well. Even though some of my teachers’ notes aren’t always perfect, clear, or easy to understand, she never gives up. Some technical difficulties may and have arisen, although she has always adapted with an optimistic and intelligent perspective. An example of Melissa’s success in enhancing my academic performance is a project that I had recently completed for my physics final. It took me about a week to complete, working two hour long sessions with Melissa on it, and two full days of work with my partner. Without the tutoring sessions, I would have never gotten the amount of understanding of the project that I did and would not have felt comfortable with the material. This is due to her step by step process that is just right for me and is sure to be flexible depending on other student’s learning styles. In my past experience with other tutors, there have been times where some have made me feel less than or have made me feel overwhelmed with information. In my time that I have spent with Melissa, she has only made me feel ok with where I am at (learning wise). She has never treated me with disrespect or impatience, but instead, with kindness and compassion.”

Elianna (11th grade)

“I first met Melissa when she and I were in grad school at UC Berkeley almost 15 years ago. I’d encountered a perplexing challenge with my dataset that few seemed to understand how to handle. Finally I found Melissa, who would come to spend months with me, carving out time in her own busy studies, helping me develop a novel new statistical model which could handle my data, which then led to my PhD. Fast forward a decade, when I found myself casting about trying to find a math and physics tutor to work with my now 16-year-old daughters – Melissa to the rescue again! Whether it be a middle-aged math-challenged dad, or his bright but struggling teenager(s) – I find Melissa Solera to be an extraordinarily patient, generous, and highly effective tutor, teacher, and friend.”

Chuck, parent of Elianna (11th grade)

“Melissa has been working with my high school senior this year on applying to college, and it has been absolutely amazing – worth every penny! Ellie struggles with deadlines and gets easily overwhelmed by too much information. Melissa helped her through the entire process – from researching colleges that met Ellie’s desires (and mine!), to prioritizing applications by their deadlines, to writing essays, etc. Melissa is excellent at communication with both Ellie and myself, and has been very flexible and understanding if sessions needed to be rescheduled. Having Melissa’s encouragement, support, and focus has been a much needed anchor during this crazy year.”

Lynn, parent of Ellie (12th grade)

“I was struggling with the second to last course of my Psychology major. Success in the course required an in-depth understanding of statistics and computer software programs. Even though statistics was covered in a prerequisite class, the pace and amount of new material plus the unfamiliarity of how to navigate the SPSS software program was overwhelming.

It is difficult enough to write about something you understand, it’s paralyzing when you don’t understand it at all. Melissa helped me understand how all the various statistical tests fit in based on the experimental design and hypothesis I was working with. I was lucky to find someone who had the subject matter depth and expertise, not only of statistics and SPSS, but also the types of experimental designs that researchers use.

I would have been happy just to pass the class with a C. The insight and understanding she provided gave me the clarity, confidence and focus needed to complete my final paper which made up 40 percent of my course grade. Not only did I end up receiving an A in that class, I gained an understanding of how to utilize, read, and comprehend what SPSS was and was not telling me about my collected data. This turned out to be a very important skill for me to have for the final class of my major, especially since instruction and communication with my Professor and classmates were disrupted by the onset of the 2020 pandemic lockdowns. I now hold a Bachelors of Science in Industrial Psychology. Hiring Melissa was one of the best decisions I have made.”

Eric (Undergraduate)

“Hiring Melissa to help my son solidify his understanding of experimental design principles and the proper use and application of statistical tests was a game-changer. It was the difference between success and failure for him in completing his research paper. It gave him the confidence and motivation to move forward. Melissa has that rare combination of deep subject matter expertise, broad real-world practical experience, good communication skills, empathy, and the viewpoint of a student attempting to master complex, difficult concepts for the first time. Though she knows all the tests and tools of her trade – Probability Distributions (Bionomial, Normal, Poisson), Hypothesis Testing (Z-test, T-test, ANOVA, ANCOVA , MANOVA), Software (Excel, SPSS), etc, I knew it was going to be an interactive, from-the-ground-up tutoring session when she brought her own white board and markers with her. We were fortunate that we hired Melissa before the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns occurred but I mention this to show her awareness that good instruction is not just a matter of “phoning or Zooming” it in.”

Mark, parent of Eric (undergraduate)